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Interview: Serienumerica

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I had the pleasure of interviewing designer Stella Tosco, one half of the design duo Serienumerica. Stella and her partner Maria work their magic in the city center of Turin, Italy where they create handcrafted clothing of timeless beauty. 


-How did the label serienumerica originate?

In 2001, Maria had already opened a workshop in Turin with her friend who was then closed. she then started teaching at IED where she met Stella "the best of my students."


Together we (re) founded the brand serien ° umerica with the desire to get back on the game and the desire to work on something that belonged to us really.

After 4 years we are a well-matched couple, stimulated by the fact of carrying out a shared project and to see it grow.



What is its philosophy?

We try to make pieces that pass through time…that are timeless and do not loose their beauty that we gave them by mixing up our roots, the time that passed and classicism.



-What sort of research do you do before a collection?

We have continous meetings with new suppliers all over italy in order to find the right fabric, new technique , texture etc… that can support us in our creativity.



-What are some words that describe the essence of serienumerica?

no ostentation, extreme elegance, lightness, freedom, sophitication

handcrafted, radical, raw (crude)



-Where are you located and what is your studio like?

We are located in the center of Turin (Quadrilatero) just by one of the biggest markets in europe Porta Palazzo. Its a very big loft like space with eveything you need,..sewing machines for leather and fabric, cutting table, knitting machines, big writing desks,etc..


-What other forms of art or art organizations are you involved with?

We just have put online our new web page for our project serienumerica curated which is a side project to our fashion brand. It rises from the need to explore the universe of manual skills in all its shapes and variation.


-Do you have a current medium of creating that inspires you most (i.e. photography, dance, painting, theater, ect.)?

The inspiration comes from everyday life: during the day we digest, absorb it, you encounter the world. But above all we take inspiration from the artisans, their laboratories and the use of different techniques.



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