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Studio Sessions with Shaina Mote

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The very first designer that we chose to carry at O+W simply nails the concept of subdued elegance. Her pieces hold an easy timelessness, are very comfortable, and always offer a unique twist on a basic style. Here is our interview with Shaina Mote.

  1. How did you get started in design? 

I became interested in fashion design when I was very young and started sewing around the age of sixteen on a machine my mother gave me.  I took a pattern making apprenticeship a couple years later to learn how to create my own shapes and silhouettes.  The line developed rather organically after my apprenticeship.  I began wearing my pieces and people asked to purchase them.  I worked a full time job many years in fashion doing buying, creative direction and vintage curation before I took the jump to pursue design solely in 2013.


  1. What inspires you?

Art, dance, soundscapes, environments, travel, philosophy, thoughtful, efficient approaches to design, passing images from the everyday.


  1. Who inspires you?

I love my friends here in LA who I see pushing the envelope in art, music and fashion.  They keep me attuned to the pulse here in LA and they live to create in a genuine and artistic manner.


4.Where is your studio?

I am situated in the heart of the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles in a 1920's deco building loft.


  1. If you could dress anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

It would be a dream to have dressed Maya Deren.  I've always felt an affinity towards her vision and means of expression.

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