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"A Passion for Leather and Respect for Tradition" -GUIDI

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Do you ever wonder how your shoes or boots are made? What makes one pair last while another pair disintegrates after one season? Since 1896 GUIDI has been synonymous with the perfectly crafted shoe. The house remains adamantly true to its traditional craftsmanship, creating a truely unique product. The sort of shoe that will last you a lifetime....




The Leather

"The focus of the Guidi and Rosellini ready-to-wear collection is the leather itself. Drawing on its history, Guidi and Rosellini revived an old and almost lost type of leather and innovated upon it. Using traditional 'vachetta' or cowhide skins, the leather is different from modern leather in the fact that it varies in thickness. This is due to the fact that before the leather is tanned it in not shaved to an even thickness. Leaving the leather in it's natural state where it is thickest around the neck of the animal and thinner on the sides retains the leather's strength and increases it's longevity. Guidi and Rosellini innovated on this natural method by developing a new tanning recipe that gives the leather a darker natural colour without the use of dyes.

All leathers are tanned using a natural vegetable tanning process and a free of dyes. One of the most outstanding features of the leather is its transpiration properties that ensure when made into shoes it remains comfortable both in summer and winter. The vegetable tanning process using oak barks gives a natural antibacterial quality to the leather. When regularly greased the leather remains resistant to wear and waterproof. For this reason this type of leather has been used traditionally in Italy for outdoor workers such as Sheppard's, farmers and cowherds in the Maremma region of Tuscany." 




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