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Montréal during a Solar Eclipse

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I have longed to visit Montreal for quite a while and finally made it happen a few weeks ago. Our trip began on the very day of the solar eclipse. We found ourselves driving through the Ontario countryside as the moon’s shadow began to cover the sun, and pulled off onto a dirt road to hunker down and take in the sight.  As we were sitting in the tall grass, and the sky darkened, a lone black cat came right up to us and began rubbing it’s head on our legs. Weird? Yes. Magical?

Definitely. Black cats hold a special place in my heart, and I considered this a very good omen.

Our journey continued to Montreal after the sun came out again, and we drove into the city and found our fantastic rented loft on Boulevard Saint Laurent. The perfect central spot for us to explore on foot.  We walked over to see Leonard Cohen's residence, where created his fervent poetry. It felt deeply reverent just to stand and look at the house he lived in. 

Leonard Cohen's Residence

Montreal is that beautiful mix of old and new. Culturally, it was right up my alley as people seem to go about their days at a more relaxed pace than one would find in Detroit. We paused often, to sip a coffee, pop into a shop, or just sit in a park (there are plenty) and take in the day.

My highlights were Le Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, Mont Royal Park, Plateau Mont-Royal, Vieux Montreal, and the river front.

We also found our newest perfume and candle line in the heart of Montreal! Lvnea creates exquisite hand blended, botanical based fragrances that I am now obsessed with. It’s my new favorite and I know you’ll love it too! We will introduce April from Lvnea in a (near) future blog post. Until then…


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