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Forme d'expression


Much like the clothing it represents, forme d'expression is about conversion and individuality. The philosophy is to create different forms of human expression through the garments that are not just fashion items but clothes that are closer to one's soul - clothes that becomes the wearer, clothes that evolve with the wearer's life, clothes that compliments the personality of the wear.  

The quiet elegance and ease of pieces give the wearer the freedom to go anywhere and be anything in these clothes.The versatile and timeless characteristics of the work let the wearer to explore the individuality in play with their distinctive forms. 

“SS17 was inspired by contemplating the beauty of Nature and Photography.  I worked with a several variations of printing techniques, in particular laser burn and digital prints, on pure linens with a photographic image that was taken by young photographer Minnseo Kim.  

An image of the Hedera on the concrete wall, which represents to me the nature of humans striving for hope against the dull and hard concrete surrounding that we live in. In a way, I love nature's law that is present in our life, although discretely hidden, and I wanted to express the desire of human nature in very literal way, somewhat mimicing it at times.     

In the making of the clothing, I gave a lot of space to feel the freedom and breath of being in nature while inhabiting the garment.”  

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