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Monarc 1 is as much an architectural pursuit as it is a luxury brand. Similar to the way in which an architect seeks to bend and twist concrete or steel, Marcelle Laboux nds new ways to construct and build forms, where uid concepts meet rigid rules of structure.

The project originally centered around the invention of a signature leather-lattice material. The process to build this lattice became a sort of mathematical dance, both soft yet mechanical, leading the way to a deep exploration of materials and techniques.

The brand now continues to develop and research concepts in an artisanal lab in Bali. Devotion and skillful execution of meticulous o beat processes including textile treatment, grid-based leather hand-cutting, weaving, hand-painted graphics, amongst others, form the foundation
of Monarc 1. Materials such as leather, foam, rubber and metal are combined, reworked and pushed to their limit using the lost art of hand-work.

The results of these unconventional techniques are conceptualized into minimal, yet distinc- tive, ready-to-wear garments and objects, truly making each piece one of a kind.

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